I have increasingly noticed that the French but also the Nordics do the “All black” trend to perfection (of course they are not the only ones).They either play around with different textures or add a bold and colored accessory which prevents them from looking dull and shapeless. This is another one of my favorite trends maybe due to the fact that’ I’m utterly crap with colours. I always seem to say well away from colours but they are on my New years resolution list right there at the top with 1) I shall buy no more shoes and 2) Buy less buy better. So lets just say there is a slim chance any of that is ever going to happen.

Sources: ColumbineSmile, LaRevueDeKenza and NatalieOffDuty

Love How these girls have dressed down they their LBDs with chunky heels or boots. Great “I didn’t try that hard but yet I still look fabulous” outfits.

Sources: AFashionTaleMissPandora and b-entrance

Source: ComeOverToTheDarkSide

I discovered this Dutch blogger not that long ago and really liked her edgy side that she pulls off without ever looking dull. I would need much more than one small photo-set to illustrate just how well she pulls this look off, so I would go and check her out if you haven’t done so already.

Happy Christmas in advance.