I have a distinct feeling that this spring it's going to be all about the prints, whether they are floral, animal prints or even graphic. They will be seen on, well just about an item of clothing; structured dresses, short skirts, light shirts, playful jumpsuits, bright leggings and even jeans. Now there are two ways of wearing a print, either you tone it down with nude colours or an all black outfit either you go in the other directions and start pilling them on, preferably mixing stripes and dots with floral or graphic like prints. This either works or you simply end up looking like you belong in a pop pouri box.

Sources: Karen, Iris and Erika

Sources: Zanita, Nicole Louise and Ashley

Sources: Andrea and Lyly

Sources: Aurélie, Sarah B, and Rosie Hannah

Last but not least, Print overload, when it really shouldn't work but for some strange reason it really does. Quirky yet cute!

Spring is sure as hell not here yet (in my case it's still snowing even) but the blooming as definitely begun and so it should!

Sources: Linda and SusieBubble