As a child I never wore a coat, this was one of the ongoing battle between me and my parents. And this seems to have stuck with me over the years. I never liked wearing coats and the whole hassel of carrying them around and most of the time I simply couldn't find a coat that I felt worked well with my outfit. However, recently I have discovered, not only the joys of being warm (hum hum) but also how a simple statement coat/blazer jacket can really pull an outfit together. So as summer start, I find myself with a useless new obsession; coats and outerwear. As I have said time after time, trends are just not for me I can never seem to follow them in time.

Anyway I thought I would share with you two types of outerwear I am really loving right now, to change things up a bit as I have been obsession over trench coats for too long. I am really liking the whole cropped fur jacket which really does change an outfit from boring to exciting and I am loving the whole gold blazer look which for me it the perfect outerwear fro summer. It looks great worn as a casual day time look and is perfect to throw over any evening look. I actually have this gold blazer worn here and dressed down a while ago. Funnily I found it in a thrift shop and then all of a sudden it poped up in all the H&Ms.

What will your coverup for this summer be? Any particular outerwear you have your eyes on?

Sources: Taylor, Madame Julietta and Ellen

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