Source: CharlotteTyphaine and, Marion

Source: Mio, Andy and Veronica

Sources: SamieNadia, and Jaquelin

 As most of you may or may not know, depending on when you started following me and my little blog, I actually started my blog by doing trend post twice a week. It was a fun and a bit of a different way to discover, not only new bloggers but also the trends of the blogosphere. Because as you might have realised by now, the trends here in the blogosphere are inspired by the catwalks but still more "daring & baring" than your normal street style looks. Anyway, I have been receiving quite a number of emails over the last year asking me to please start them again. So here goes, today's trend is the galaxi print first seen on Christopher Kane's designs about a year ago. This trend for some reason was not so quick to be taken up my the fashion bloggers but in recent weeks it sure has been all about these galaxi prints.

Romwe seems to have done a good job attracting bloggers to its online shop with its version of a galaxi print skirt as seen on the first three bloggers. I have to say that even though I am not a huge fan of the colours used in this design I really like the asymmetrical skirt itself. I am particularly loving Mio's and Samie's laid back looks.

So, will you be trying the galaxi print any time soon?


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