Sources: CayleeKaren and Christing

Our beloved H&M came out with a few pieces that were clearly inspired by two great names in fashion; McQueen and Givenchy. The most striking pieces were the crazy black & white prints that were seen on trousers, leggings, dresses and jackets. These quickly become bloggers favorites. And even though I looked like a complete fool in the dress, I still think it looks amazing on these girls, but there is no question that you need the legs to go with that dress.

Sources: Ems, Laura and Aida

Sources: Emmi, Bloominvogue and Iris

Sources: Iris, Chiara and Victoria

Edit: Or dare to go all in like the gorgeous Sandra, who pulls off the entire graphic look by pairing it with a simple black top and some killer black satin Miu Miu pumps.

Source: Sandra

However, as much as I like this collection it does leave me a bit perplex as to the extent to which high street shops such as H&M and zara have started copying big house name. They no longer seem to even try and disguise the fact that they are simply making a cheaper and more affordable version of what designers showed during previous Fashion weeks. I actually don't mind it as I believe that fashion really shouldn't be so ridiculously expensive but then on the other hand the fact the high streets brands are simply loosing all imagination and creativity and just 'copy - pasting' with a hint of difference is quite worrying. Any thoughts?

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