This winter, it was out with the 'old' OTK boots and in with the 'new' thigh high boots. Just when you were getting use to wearing the OTK boots, here comes the Uber high boots. Indeed, for the last couple of years they have been discretely creeping their way up our legs to the point were they are sometimes no longer visible.

The trick to not looking like you belong on a street corner seems to be either adding an extra dose of feminine touches or keeping it real simplistic.

On a feminine note, I have seen many floral dresses, lace tights, cute shirts and tons of jewelry paired with leather or suede Tight High boots. More so, long sleeveless faux fur coats seem to take the eye away from the hight of these TH boots, also giving the outfit a warm and cozy feel to it.

Sources: Melika, Charlotte A, Adenorah, and Caroline Blomst

Sources: IngridTahti, Lindsey and Liz

On a more simplistic note, the idea is to blend the TH boots into the outfit and make it fade away rather than stand out. Indeed, most girls seem to be pairing theirs with black jeans or over opaque black tights in some way creating the illusion of longer legs and non existent boots. Further more, outfits need to be kept simple and understated, and most important of all is to avoid flashing excess flesh. All of these girls sure have made the TH boots work for them!

Sources: Sophia, ModeD'Amour, in3gue and  Jessie

Sources: Erika Marie, Andy and Karen

Hope you find the inspiration you are looking for!

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