Indeed, this summer it was all about transparency and what better way to play the game than with plastic. It was all about the plexi Prada and Fendi shoes, the plastic Hermes totes and anything else plastic and transparent. I am not so sure how I feel about parading around with a transparent bag with all of its content on display for the world to see. However I am loving the plexi shoe trend, ad not just a bit. So here goes for a trend post full of transparency and plastic and many other details I have to share with you.

First up, are our beloved swedish girls you seem to have adopted the Prada plexi shoe immediately and have done so to perfection, I think I prefer the Prada shoe with the black strip to the white of silver one.

Sources: Elin, Caroline and Columbine

Christine does some pretty bloody amazing DIY when it comes to shoes, and these DIY Fendi plexi heels are no exception. So I urge if you don't already know her to check out her blog.

I was so glad when I stumbled upon Arielle's blog, Something Navy as I soon discovered these little beauties on her feet from none other than ALdo. Which I immediately ordered and got a friend to bring them back from the UK for me. Shock horror when I soon discovered that the left foot was a EU size 37 and the right a  size 38, not good Aldo. Those of you who follow me on Twitter might remember the saga, anyway the second (and hopefully in the right sizes, both feet please) pair is on its way to me this weekend. Anyway if anyone has one foot smaller than the other ie the left, and normally wears a 3! let me know and i can sell you these puppies if you are interested.

Sources: Christine, Arielle and Gresy

And now for the accessories...

Sources: Chiara, Jag and Alice

Sources: Sanna and Veronica

My current plexi shoe craving from Aldo (the ones that are on their way hopefully in the right size) and from Queens wardrobe. Will you, or are you already doing the transparent and plexi trend?

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