Inspiration comes mostly from others not from ourself, and anyone who tells you they are never inspired by others is probably not being completely honest with you. Why am I telling you this, because this was partly the reason why I started this blog, so many of you, yes you out there, inspired me in one way or another or just simple gave me a good idea at some point. And you have to believe me when I told ou that every picture that I ever spend more han 5 seconds looking is saved in Iphoto. Wich brings me to today's post and title. When I was looking through my collection of 'inspiration pictures' I came across these two, I just think it is great that two ladies living in different parts of the world managed to get up one morning and dress almost identical. You have got to love the blogosphere for this.

Sources: Hedvig shot by PolkaDot and Columbine

On a trend subject, it looks like peach/pink is the colour to go to this Summer in terms of jackets. I am still not quite sure what I would look like wearing peach but I think it might soon be time to find out as I am increasingly loving this trend.

Sources: Dylana, Iris, and Nathalie

Sources: Ilanka, and Patrycja and Liz,

Also check out the interview I did for StyleScoop HERE. Thanks Jasna I love it and so amazed to be featured in her column amongst some other great bloggers.