The long vest like dress is the perfect substitue for trousers and shorts skirts! Sick of wearing leggings and trousers but not quite ready to bare our legs in short dresses and shorts. Indeed the long dress is the perfect solution and it looks like the H&M vest  like dress for a mere 9,99£ is the bloggers favorite 'go to' dress. If you remember I wore mine a while back layered with a cardigan and my leather jacket. I quite like the black stripped version too though! These are the perfect dresses to layer and play around with accessories like these girls have done, more or less anything goes; hats, scarves, necklaces, belts... One thing every girl here agreed on you need killer heels tu pull this look off and a leather jacket seems to be the favourite layering.

Sources: Iris, Andy and Veronica

Sources: GiselleKaren and Gemma

Sources: Zina, Nathalie and Caylee

I wanted to take the time to thank you for all your numerous comments and support this last few weeks, especially regarding these trend post, that do indeed take time, but are such a pleasure to do and even more so to share with you. Hope you liked this one as much as the last. Good luck to everyone who is sitting exams!

Small edit to this post: only one hour after posting this trend post, the blog 'Blue is in Fashion this year' send me a line saying that I was featured in her trend post (her and I do love our trends) which funnily enough was also about the H&M maxi dress. So you see I don't event these trends :) I thought that this was pretty insane and funny that I wanted to share this with you, so I really recommend you check out her trend post here which is a bit more general than mine. Thank for featuring me!!

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