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Source: The Sartorialist

I first saw these bright orange peg trousers on the Zara web store, I had placed them in my virtual basket among many various other items that had caught my eye. However, as most virtual shopping baskets go, that was as far has the trousers had got. Then I stumbled upon a picture of Miroslava Duma (pic1) wearing a very similar pair in an 'emsemble', which actually turned out to be the orange trousers I had put in my basket weeks before. I was sold immediately and knew these would be a great statement piece for Autumn. Lucky for me they still had my size. A couple of days ago, I found a picture taken by Scott Schuman of these trousers and I knew I had made the right decision (pic2). Since, I have worn them quite a few times; for work paired with a simple black cardigan or jumper, more casually by pairing them with a denim shirt and bright print belt, or in the evening with a sporty tank top and leather belt (pic3). P.S: sporty tees seems to be doing a come-back, and I think we might have Isabel Marant to thank for this. Mine comes from Asos (old)

Tomorrow's outfit post will feature them, so stay tuned :)

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