2009 was without a doubt the year for tights, never had I seen so many different interpretation of this practical piece of clothing. More so, the numerous different tights DIY I came across were pretty interesting; from embellished tights to ripped tights. There was definitely something for everyone. More types and styles of tights meant more skirt, dresses  and shorts which was a nice change. Dotted tights ("plumetis") was the new 'it thing' to be wearing, especially combined with leather or even just peekin out from under a pair of cropped trousers. Then there was the two toned tights which added a nice twist to a simple outfit. Since, NYE girls all over have gone lace crazy, not only in dresses, tops but also on tights.

Sources: Andy and Rebecca


Sources: b-entrance, Chiara and Alix

Sources: Laura, Frida and  Bartabac

Sources: Chris, Veronica and Pandora

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sources: Tahti, Anni, Trang and Veronica


The queen of the tights and one lady that sure know s who to have fun with fashion and never take it too seriously is none other than Chantal. Her ever present smile is not the only thing that made me want to go through all her posts the day I discovered her blog, her creative style was the second. She mixes and matches prints, patterns and florals like no other fashionista out there. I love how she adds her DIY tights or other crazy tights to her outfits, given her an ultimate style of her own.

Source: (Chantal) Cocorosa


Hope you all had a great week and looking forward to the weekend