So here is one trend that I will more often than not associate to bad things, very bad and tacky things. However, this being said, it is also one of those trends that when pulled off to perfection can look so damn right. And if I am completely honest with all of you, I get very envious of people when them pull of the white jeans look, because it ends up looking so clean and modern and well put together.

Sources: CocorosaCaylee and Bartabac

Sources: Mireia, Dylana and DistrictofChic

Sources: EmmiVanessa and Veronica

I hope everyone had a great weekend (and that all my American readers had a fantastic 4th July). Mine was spent collection the new car as a drunk driver completely destroyed my old one, hopefully no one was in the car that much I can be grateful for. It was also spent visiting the gorgeous city of Bruges (in Belgium). As I have been accepted to study at the College of Europe, I will be spending all of next year doing a masters in diplomacy and European external relations which is my other passion. However, I ended up spending most of my time sweet shop hopping (which seems to have become my new own personal sport) instead of really visiting the city. I will share the pictures with you tomorrow.

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