Jenna Lyons, the Style Icon

Jenna Lyons, the Style Icon

Jenna Lyons has been J. Crew's President, Executive Creative Director since July 2010, and before that served as Executive Creative Director. She has always been loyal to J. Crew where she started out as the "assistant's assistant". She clearly had her eyes set on the bigger prize as she spent the next twenty years climbing the corporate ladder over at J.Crew. As a style maven she just makes you want to mix prints with bold colours, sparkles with tomboy shirts, coloured heels with jeans ...

She has a sophisticated yet cool and youthful attitude to her outfits and honestly she makes me want to put away my black, grey and white corporate outfits. And that is exactly what I have done, and switched them leopard heels, coloured sweaters, printed jackets and skirts. Splashed on some bright red lipstick and some bold accessories and going to work just seems more fun. I am in London after all, and there will always be another women wearing more sparkles, colour, heels and jewellery than me.

Jenna clearly "dresses for the job she wants, not the job she has" which is something camille had said me over brunch the other day - even though it was not in reference to Jenna Lyons - and it really stuck with me. I know exactly where I will be heading on saturday, and that would be the newly opened J. Crew store on Regent Street.

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