Sources: Phuong, Jane and  Billie Rose

Sources: Zina and Elien 

Like many of you, I have been eyeing the latest Zara lookbook for those few items that had well and truly caught my eye. These bright printed trousers were one of them but sadly when I tried them on they just didn't fit me well. Thus, I got the floral H&M trousers instead, as seen here. However, these beauties deserved nonetheless a trend post, and as always with these posts I discovered a new blogger - Phuong's 'travelling in style' - whose blog is well worth a visit.

On a non-fashion related topic, I baked a batch of pillow cookies - chocolate chip cookie cookie wrapped around a brownie center - and they were heaven. I followed Bakerella's recipe, it was messy but easy and quick and so worth it. Again, if you didn't know her blog, go check it out the recipes are easy and very delicious.


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