Thisworks in transit

I have been trying out a couple of Thisworks products recently from they key product ranges - Perfect, In transit and Sleep.

I travel a lot, both for my job and in my free time so I know a thing of two about packing skincare product in your hand luggage and having the right products that help after long flights or never ending commutes and train rides.

I tried out the In transit camera close-up - a super moisturiser that helps combat redness and dry skin, it also makes your skin look brighter. It is a very dense moisturiser and definitely a great pick-me up. The perfect product for fashion and lifestyle bloggers that spend a lot of time in front of the camera.

The whole range was created with the modern-day traveller in mind - bottles that are the right size to be taken in hand luggage, unspillable, unbreakable and the perfect skincare products. 

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