thisworks sleep

I wrote previously about Thisworks' Perfect and In Transit ranges. Now it's time for their sleep range. I am always a bit skeptical about any product that promises to make me sleep like a baby or even a better nights sleep. I tried out the sleep balm and the deep sleep stress less and was pleasantly surprised. 

Both products are to be applied on your various pressure points before going to sleep. The sleep balm is a blend of Lavender, Monoi and Coconut oils that will soothe you but also moisturise any dry patches you might have. The Deep sleep stress less is a blend of Eucalyptus and lavender oil that you breathe in to help calm your nerves and ultimately allowing you to sleep better.

I would love to try the Deep sleep bath oil but at 80£ sadly I am not about to try it out any time soon. In the meantime I will make due with the amazing oil I picked up in Marrakech. I am told that the Deep sleep pillow spray is pretty amazing too. 

They are sold online on their e-shop, as well as on NAP and Asos.

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