where to get it http://wheretoget.it/l4740

One Saturday afternoon last month in Paris the blogger  Slanelle came around to catch up and bit and to do a small video for the website Where to get it. If you haven't heard of the site yet, there is no time like the present to discover it. It's a community based platform where you can share pictures of items or outfit that you really like and would like to re-create of find the same items. The active members of Where to get it will help you do just that by browsing the online shops or simple by using their extensive fashion knowledge. This can be done from Twitter with the hashtag  #W2G, or via their Facebook page ... This is the new modern way of asking someone one the street "where did you get that from?". (to watch the video simply click on either of the two pictures above).

I am thinking of the next trend post, do you have any suggestions or any trend you would like to see?

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