Hotspots by Toni and Sofie in Antwerp


Verso Antwerp
Verso Antwerp


//Doctor Seven//

//Jutka & Riska//



For those of you who follow me on Instagram and Twitter you might already know that I spent last Saturday with the lovely and very talented Sofie from Fashionata. She took me around her city, Antwerp (Belgium), and brought me to her favourite places to go. I have been to Antwerp quite a few times already but it was great to discover the city thought someone else's eyes. We in the Starbucks at the central station for coffee and actually ended up staying there for a while sharing our PR stories and blog related stories. Sofie then took me to the Verso restaurant for lunch and for a bit of shopping in the gorgeous Verso shop. It's a mini Belgium version of the French Printemps and the English Liberty. Then we headed of to one of Sofie's favourite shops that sells over 40 different brands from all over, Enes. Muriel, the owner of the store was a delight to talk to and Enes offers the most amazing leather and fur coats. We poped into the new COS store, Mango and Step-by-step, and then to  a super creative and affordable -as it should be - vintage store called Jutka&Riska. I just had to stop at the new candy store in town, Doctor Seven, which sells you candy and mostly jelly beans and fun packaging. Finally, we sat down for a delicious cold bubble tea at Jili which was the perfect way to end the day.

Stay tuned for part two, a new day and a new city to discover. You can follow our hotspots on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #hotspotsbytoniandsofie

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