In my books there is simply nothing like a good bowl of fresh pasta - this reminds me I have to share my Mac n' Cheese and white Truffle oil recipe with you guys soon. 

The great thing about living close to Shoreditch is that we are also close to so many delicious places to eat, and Burro e Salvia - Pastificio is no exception. 

Burro e Salvia - Butter and Sage - makes fresh handmade pasta, and when I mean fresh I mean you can actually see them making it in front of you. First and foremost the place is a 'pastificio' which is both a fresh pasta shop and workshop, but it is also a restaurant. 

In the front of the shop you can buy your fresh handmade pasta, some delicious sauces - I mean cream, parmesan and truffle sauce just sounds divine - and a selection of Italian produces and wine.

If that wasn't good enough, you can also eat in and try something from their small but perfectly thought-out menu. I have yet to sit down and try out their menu but there is very little doubt; we will be coming back soon.

In the meantime we didn't walk away empty handed - we took away a lovely box full of filled paste with ricotta and tartuffo. Tonight we will be eating fresh truffle pasta served with butter and parmesan and a drop of white truffle oil - a table.

Burro e Salvia, Pastificio
52 Redchurch Street
London E2 7DP

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