I finally got round to trying out Arepa & Co - the Venezuelan Deli at De Beauvoir Crescent. A great little place for a quick lunch - even better on a sunny day - along the canal. 

Arepa is a traditional dish in Columbia and Venezuela. It is a flatbread ( somewhat like a pitta) made of ground maize dough or cooked flour prominent in the cuisine of Venezuela. They serve arepa with all kinds of ingredients - chicken, pulled pork, grated cheese, guacamole, avocados, cucumber, tomatoes... you name it, they have the filling (picture above).I went for the chicken, cheddar, guacamole and plantas (basically grilled bananas).

Arepa & Co also do some amazing traditional Venezuelan scrambled eggs which are delicious with cachapa - also a traditional Venezuelan and Colombian dish made from corn. They look a lot like pancakes but made out of fresh corn dough and taste a bit sweater than you traditional flour-based pancake (pictures above with the sunday special - traditional scrambled eggs, beans, pulled pork and cheddar cheese. 

If you go on a weekend, they will automatically hand you the special weekend menu, but don't hesitate to ask for their full list of arepa and cachapa options.

Arepa & CO
58A De Beauvoir CrescentLondon
Greater London, Haggerston - N1 5SB

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