You will need the following ingredients (to make enough for two):

For the crumpets:
- A pack of crumpets (if you feel up for it and have time to make your own check out a recipe here)

For the topping:
- 250g of ricotta cheese 
- Zest of one Lemon
- Two tablespoons of honey
- Three handfuls of fresh raspberries
- A pinch of sugar

If like me (on this occasion) you are not making the crumpets from scratch this recipe will only take you five minutes.

1. Put the ricotta, lemon zest and honey in a bowl and whisk until the mixture is light and fluffy.
2. In a separate owl mash the raspberries together with a fork (keep a few aside to add a final touch).
3. Fold the mashed raspberries into the ricotta mix - but not too much, you want those chunks of raspberries. 
4. Put the mixture aside. Add some butter to the pan and start warming it up.
5. place the crumpets at the centre of the pan and flip over once golden and slightly crispy. You don't have to warm the crumpets in a pan you can toast them, this is just my personal preference.
6. Place crumpets on a plate, add a good spoonful of the ricotta and raspberries mix on top of each crumpet ad a couple of raspberries on top and drizzle with honey. Enjoy

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