Some of my favourites from  Bassike

Some of my favourites from Bassike

I discovered Bassike via Elle's and Tash's blog They all hate us. My first thought was not to spend too much time browsing the Australian brand's online store as they would probably not ship to Europe. I should not have been too quick to judge as they do indeed ship internationally and it only takes 3-5 days. 

The brand really does deliver some great quality basics for a clean and effortless wardrobe. The low-slung jeans are by far my favourite and I can see them dressed up or down with a multitude of different combos. Their basic t-shirts are available in all different colours and tehy seem to have the perfect slouchy - but not too baggy - fit to them. Finally that oversized black jumper and what looks like the perfect pair of leather pants will stay at the back of my mind, as tehy are not quiet in my budget at the moment. 

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