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Mango pre - fall

Yes I know its still summer, and there is something very annoying with the fact that I seem to want to share with you next A/W collections. However, with the weather being so crap I thought I might as well. I am also slowly starting to think about suitable outfit to wear to the Commission as I start my stage (internship) there as of October thus I am looking at practical outfit that can be taken from day to night and that look smart and not too stuffy. Also I really don't want to wear a suit every day, if ever.  What do you guys wear to work?

I am particularly liking the wide leg pants, the dark 'bordeaux' reds, the bare legs with either boots and dresses, the silk shirts with bows, the cropped suit trousers, the layers and a few sequins here and there (obviously not for work). More so I am loving the Balmain prints this year, particularly on the skirt and the jackets (not that the collection is any more affordable than the previous years). Actually as I am writing this post the sun seems to be making an appearance so I might just be wearing something meant for summer today.

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