On Friday I had a drink with Mireille - founder of Shop je ne sais quoi who will be re-launching its website and online store very soon. But don't worry, you can trust that I will let you know as soon as it is online as I have no doubt it will be just as delightful and full of wonders as the previous one.

Anyway we got talking about bloggers and the fascinating world of blogs, and the girls behind the screens. One of our conclusions - over our coke zeros - was that lately brands seem to be gravitating towards the same bloggers over and over again. Don't get me (us) wrong I think these girls have deserved the success that has been coming their way as I know myself the time and efforts that goes into a blog. However, Unlike models - as brand ambassadors - bloggers in my opinion have strong and unique personal styles that they are first and formost blogging about. So it is very frustrating to see that the brands don't seem to be choosing their bloggers because they represent the brand well or even like the brand or were gravitating towards them it in the first place, but rather brands seem to be increasingly choosing bloggers solely for their stats (let's face it that is what they are primarily interested in; the number of visitors a bloggers can bring them thus increasing their presence). Which is a shame as their are bloggers out there whom actually wear some of these brands day in and out and would be far better ambassadors for the brand.

The other side of this coin, is that bloggers seem to only be saying 'Yes'. yes to all these add placements, partnerships, events ...  For example, why would a high end french fashionista/blogger who generally only wears luxury brands, be interested in a street sporting event? Why would the brand be interested in asking such a blogger (a part from the obvious stats and coverage)? Why does the blogger accept? and is the result really a good one? Does the article written afterwards have any soul and pasion to it, or does it just turn out to be yet another robotic post with very little content.

These questions have been with more for the last two days and I would love to have your ideas, feedback and comments on this. I just think a bit of diversity and some brutal (and much needed) honesty would be a breath of fresh air. This is why I love the idea of this competition and event; New faces! More so the four bloggers chosen to represent the four fashion capitals of the world are not your 'usual suspect' (a term that Mireille came up with and one that I feel is perfectly appropriate). They are without a doubt four bloggers whom have stayed true to themselves and have no evolved into walking billboards for various brands. They are unique, intelligent, fashionable, true to their style and simply a breath of fresh air that! The four 'un-usual' yet very deserving suspects are the following Eléonore, Veronica, Susie and Leandra.

Anyway, let's get down to business! I would love to take part in this event (the biggest ever catwalk) organised by Les Galleries Lafayette so I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP, would you guys be so kind as to simply 'heart' my look (if you like it of course) in order for me to get some votes in the hopes of having a chance. Vote HERE please and thank you ever so much in advance.