Sources: Michelle, Vanessa and Iris

I was pretty excited to sit back, and wait a while, to see just what the creative ladies of the blogosphere were going to do with H&M's long awaited Garden Collection. As always, it was not disappointing, they each styled the most wanted pieces in heir own individual and personal ways. It definitely looks like, the red rose jacket was one of the most successful pieces, along with the fan and rose dresses.

Sources: Taylor, Veronica, Valentine and ModeJunkie

But this collection was not all about the pretty dresses, the other pieces especially the floral leggings, skirts and brown shorts worked great as transitional looks. And, then of course they were the endless choice of floral dresses in all sizes, forms and textures to chose from, but chose is one thing this ladies didn't do. They seemed to have all gone home with at least two or three pieces of this near perfect collection.

Sources: Alice, Jen, Iris and Nathalie

Sources: ModeJunkie, Colline, Polka Dot (featuring Hedvig) and Liz

Sources: Kim, Ilanka, Michelle and Sabrina

Sadly for me I didn't get my hands of the red rose dress I was longing for, but I did pick up the nude fan dress, and the floral ruffle dress which I am pretty happy with, and thanks to the lovely  Ela I now have the chunky colourful necklace too. I will try and post some pictures soon, but the boyfriend has deserted me to go and sit under the sun in Cannes and thus leaving me with a remote and a tripod. A whole new experience for me!

For those of you, you haven't yet participated in the big giveaway and who want to, there is still plenty of time. All you have to do is comment on this post. Good Luck!!