... and three pairs of shoes, three jackets, three dresses and many more items of clothing. I am probably the worst packer of all times, not only do I over pack but I have this incredible gift of being able to pack outfits that each need (in my personal view) a different pair of shoes. One would have thought that over the years, and after the many miles travelled I would have become better at packing, but so wrong. The older I get the less straight forward my outfits become, and of course first they was the jewelry, then came the bags (each outfit needs it bag), and now my shoe collection. Basically packing has become a nightmare, THE nightmare.

So here goes, as I am due to be leaving for Brussels soon, I thought I would set myself a challenge; packing one 'relatively' small bag for 14 days. Firstly, I am only allowed one hand luggage. Secondly, I can take with me only three (maybe four if I am good) pairs of shoes. Thirdly, I must only bring with me items that can each be worn in three different ways (my new 3x3 rule).

And, this ladies is what I ended up with. On a side note, this is what happens to me when I am left in my own care (yes the boyfriend is still away) and I have to fend for myself. But I have to say, after battling for what seemed like an eternity with the tripod and the remote, I had quite a fun time. What do you think? did I make a fool out of myself or not just yet?

H&M, Black leather shorts and Zara denim shirt

new Topshop, paradise skirt and COS, bold shoulder dress worn as top here

new Asos, cargo green skirt (yes it is worn backwards on the second photo) and grey AA sweater

H&M, black high waisted skirt and new Topshop, horse jumper

Asos, floral skirt and COS bold shoulder dress

new H&M Garden Collection, floral dress and The Kooples blazer (first picture)

new Zara, floral Lux pants and H&M, denim dress

Zara, leather jacket and H&M black dress

Shoes: NewLook, Santiage Asos, grey lace up ankle boots Zara, black wedges new Bag: NEXT (my new obsession to be discovered further)

I have also realized I have the useless ability to pull the exact same face throughout an entire film. Hope everyone is having a great week. Hopefully next week I will be able to share with you some of these outfits in actual outfit posts as per usual.  Thank you for al you lovely comments regarding the giveaway, it means a lot to me! If you havent participated yet, fell free to do so HERE.