I really am not quite sure what put me off this collection or the previous one, or even the Jimmy Choo collection for that matter. I don't know if it was all the sneak peaks and the talks surrounding the unveiling of the collections, or if it was the idea of queuing up for hours to end up having something that thousands of other women will have or if it was the collections themselves that simply didn't attract me. But this suffise to say that I did no queuing, and own nothing from these collection,however I must say that every time I did end up feeling like I missed out and could have found something I really would have liked. Anyway, I was curious to see what the courage fashion bloggers, those who did stand in line for hours in the hopes of snagging that one special item they were lusting over, actually brought and what they did with they Sonia Rykiel x H&M garments. Did you guys buys any Sonia Rykiel x H&M? if so what did you get?

Sources: Emma, SMTW, and Andy

Sources: Caroline, Barbro, and Margaux

Sources: Isabell, Kim, and Pauline

I must apologise for the disturbance on the website, as a lot of you already know I changed hosts, so let's hope things are better know. Also, apologies for the lack of posts, I am due to presente my thesis on Friday so I have my head stuck in my books for the while and my outfits consist of pyjamas, leggings and hoodies, i.e. certainly nothing worth showing :)