I brought this jumpsuit some time ago now and it has been at the bottom of my wardrobe ever since, I attempted to wear it a couple of time but it was a failed attempt every time, either the shoes were not right of the length was just off. Anyway I ended up wearing it one night, pairing it with high heels and rolling up the bottoms and I really liked it. I wore it here during the day with a jumper thrown on top and I quite like the result. even though the sun graced us with its presence it was no were near warm enough to take pictures without the jumper, so I will leave that for another post. Word of advice, if you do end up wearing a jumpsuit to a party, be advised not to spend to much time at the bar and visiting the bathroom ends up being a real expedition with one of these things!

/Wearing/ Jumpsuit and Jumper: H&M Black heels: Zara Bag: Vintage Ring: Topshop