Here is the second edition of "Snapped, Stored & Shared" with some few ideas of where to go in Brussels. Enjoy!

1. Simply heaven, even more so due to the fact that to find a shop in Brussels that sells reese's is like finding the golden goose (Nail polish is from Sephora).

2. The eco- friendly and trendy Faguo sneakers will be exposed at the Belgium BOZAR SHOP for one month only, starting as of this Wednesday 1st September. A limited edition shoe, created for this exposition will also be available.

FR: Les éco-trendy FAGUO s'expose au BOZAR SHOP pendant un mois, dés ce mercredi 1er Septembre. De plus, à cette occasion un modèle en édition limitée a spécialement été créé pour cette occasion. BOZAR SHOP Rue Ravensteinstraat 15 1000 Brussels

3. Ebisu is a new 'fast food' style japaness restaurant around Flagey (brussels) and I am not talking Sushi. (read more here) FR: Ebisu, Un nouveau 'fast food' japonais près de la place Flagey, un vrai délice à essayer. Rue de Vergnies 37, 1050 Brussels

4. What could be the perfect bag ( from COS) for uni this year, I need one that will fit all my junk but also my books,but also I need one that I can potentially carry around whilst on a bike . Any suggestions?

5. the drop of temperature we have been faced with lately sadly indicates the end of summer but it also means the leather trousers can be dug up again. These are from h&M (last year)

6. You might remember my post on Delvaux (the Belgian maroquinerie), well here is the lundi bag from their new collection 'Toujours' in royal blue. Love the colour and the leather is divine, my only problem is that my wallet is way too big sadly for this bag. (both gifted) FR:  Vous vous souvenez peut être du post que j'avais fais précédemment sur delvaux, et bien voici le sacLundi de leur nouvelle collection 'Toujours', j'adore la couleur bleu royal et le cuir est tout simplement magnifique, mon seul problème ets que mon portefeuille y rentre à peine.

7. With September comes the beginning and the launch of so many new and fascinating things, and one of them is the Hermès 'J'aime mon carré' party. Can't wait for it and I will be sure to document the evening to its full extent. FR: Le mois de Septembre s'annonce bien et commence en beauty et style avec la soirée Hermès 'J'aime mon carré'. J'ai hâte d'y être et bien entendu les photos suivront




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