Now here is a trend that you parents are probably praying they never see you wear. Henry Holland's 'trompe l'oeil' suspender tights took an a life of their own and were first spotted on British rock girls such as Pixie Geldorf, the Saturdays... and then the bloggers got their hands on them and that was that, suspenders were back in. I say suspenders because some, more daring than others, sported the real thing and wore them casually as day wear. Personally, I feel that some thing should stay in the bedroom or maybe I am just not too daring enough?!

Anyway, Henry Holland is a master when it comes to tights (special post on HH and his playful tights soon) and I don't know if I get (and like) them because I am British but I know not to take these little things too seriously and I actually quite like them and think them playful and flirty without screaming 'go back home and put some clothes on woman'. Even though this is not a new trend and has been around for a year or so, I thought the 1st of September was the perfect day to celebrate the steady come back of tights.

Sources: Constance, Melinda and Charlene

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When there is a successful trend, there are copycats and Topshop came up with suspender tights of their own also adopted by our favorite trend setters. These are even more playful and less litteral than HH's version. But nevertheless, still only for the daring.

Sources: Jony, Anjelica and Veronica

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