"Snapped & stored" is a new concept for this blog. I had the idea a while back and had it thanks to a fellow French blogger. The concept is simple, I will share with you once a week, all the pictures and snapshots taken with my Blackberry during that same week. Hope you will enjoy the new concept!

1. The sales, fun times? Zara is sure as hell making sure it is as difficult as possible.

2. H&M Mickey baseball cap

3. I only left with the losse blue tee

4. COS jumper (new collection)

5. It might be August but Brussels sure as hell doesn't care, out with the sunnies and in with the Fedoras (H&M FAA) and scarfs.

6. A lovely gift from one of my readers Nathalie and her mom Irenka. Irenka Kudlicki, designs jewelry, and has some amazing pieces. Check out her Etsy store HERE. Thank you again foryour kind words and the amazing gift, i have now been wearing it for a week :)

7. My 'oh so'  pretty back seat passengers (a present from the 'oh so' kind boyfriend)

8. A very old but very gorgeous vintage dress, probably more antique actually than vintage.


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