Finally, my nude Aldo Perusse plexi heels arrived. It was an ordeal to get them to Brussels, and I would love to able to say it was worth the wait. However, all I have been able to do so far is prance around the house in them (looking kind of mad) and I managed a quick walk, what with the never ending rain that is falling down on us. This being said, with every bit of sunshine we have left, there is no doubt I will be wipping these heels out. Anyway, here are a few pictures I managed to snap today, following in the spirit of plexi and transparant heels, as seen previously. As I am writing this post, my new heels are nicely tucked back in their box away from any possible sight of rain.

//WEARING// Jumper: COS Jeans: H&M trend (old) Heels: Aldo perusse Bag: Zara


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