So I popped down to the local hardware store and spent 30 minutes picking up bits and pieces I needed for two DIYs I am planning on down (this is what happens whee you have time on your hands, you start to become creative). I am planning on doing the Proenza schouler rope-bracelet and the Yvonne Kone bracelets (which I have finished as you can see here) that I will show you tomorrow. Now as much as I believe in the price of creativity/effort and I don't stand for rip-offs, I am still a student and will not pay $217 for a couple of pieces of rope and a carabiner and the same goes for some bolts and a piece of leather, especially when they are both so easy and cheap to create. This being said the Yvonne Kone are way more affordable than the PS, and maybe when I am no longer a student and can afford such things I will probably do so.

And the final result and a sneak peak of tomorrow's outfit post

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