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Crazy nails

crazy nails stripped top


A while back I saw this gorgeous picture on Instagram of these crazy nails and just had to give it a try. Mine are no where near as gorgeous but I quite liked the final result. The only real reason I wear nail polish is to avoid me bitting me nails so I don't often try anything exotic whit them.

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Proenza Schouler & Ykonne Kone DIY

So I popped down to the local hardware store and spent 30 minutes picking up bits and pieces I needed for two DIYs I am planning on down (this is what happens whee you have time on your hands, you start to become creative). I am planning on doing the Proenza schouler rope-bracelet and the Yvonne Kone bracelets (which I have finished as you can see here) that I will show you tomorrow. Now as much as I believe in the price of creativity/effort and I don't stand for rip-offs, I am still a student and will not pay $217 for a couple of pieces of rope and a carabiner and the same goes for some bolts and a piece of leather, especially when they are both so easy and cheap to create. This being said the Yvonne Kone are way more affordable than the PS, and maybe when I am no longer a student and can afford such things I will probably do so.

And the final result and a sneak peak of tomorrow's outfit post

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Something new & studded

It has been a very long time since I have posted a DIY article, so I though this would be a great opportunity to show you, my first, actually and probably last for quite some time, DIY. I came across Ashley Madekwe's blog a month or so ago and particularly loved this outfit on her, but more specifically I found myself drooling over her jacket. I really liked the idea of mixing silver and gold studs, more so the fact that she had studded the jacket herself motivated me to try it out myself. Little did I know, studs are real little buggers! Yes, I am very aware that studs are 'very two seasons ago' but I couldn't care less, plus I don't have anything studded. So I ordered myself a nice big pack of pyramid studs from the 'retired punk' (ebay seller) and waited for them to arrive. Once they did I got straight to work on my jacket, except wait I don't have any of the tools necessary. I knew that if I didn't start now I never would.  I used various techniques to put the studs on, i.e. knifes, scissors and anything else i could get my little pores on, but none worked better than my teeth :/

So that is the last time I am  doing a DIY involving 175 very small studs, but nevertheless I am very found of my new studded jacket and it was worth every single scrape and scratch. It's not really an outfit post, just pictures of a very proud owner and her new studded jacket, now minus all the scrapes and scratches :)
/WEARING/ studded jacket: studded by me Snood or infinity scarf: H&M Grey sweater: AA



J. Campbell studded wedges

So Jeffrey Campbell is better known as the shoe designer who, well let's just say it, copied more than one pair of the most wanted shoes. There was Burberry black ankle boot, the Balmain studded sandal, the Acne Atacoma wedge, the chloe boott, Alexander Wang's latest boot and the list goes on. And I don't hear any fashion bloggers complaining either. However, he has done some fantastic creations "of his own" too,  such as the very desired open toe studded wedge that comes in three different colours.

Like many, I liked that this shoe was pretty unique in it's own way and most definitely a show stopper. However, I really had wished he was not an open toe booty. and then I would have probably run out and got it.  So When I saw this girl's DIY project, I feel in love, she had recreated the exact shoe that I had imagined and to a T. Her Incredible DIY project is here and see how she wears it here.