It has been a very long time since I have posted a DIY article, so I though this would be a great opportunity to show you, my first, actually and probably last for quite some time, DIY. I came across Ashley Madekwe's blog a month or so ago and particularly loved this outfit on her, but more specifically I found myself drooling over her jacket. I really liked the idea of mixing silver and gold studs, more so the fact that she had studded the jacket herself motivated me to try it out myself. Little did I know, studs are real little buggers! Yes, I am very aware that studs are 'very two seasons ago' but I couldn't care less, plus I don't have anything studded. So I ordered myself a nice big pack of pyramid studs from the 'retired punk' (ebay seller) and waited for them to arrive. Once they did I got straight to work on my jacket, except wait I don't have any of the tools necessary. I knew that if I didn't start now I never would.  I used various techniques to put the studs on, i.e. knifes, scissors and anything else i could get my little pores on, but none worked better than my teeth :/

So that is the last time I am  doing a DIY involving 175 very small studs, but nevertheless I am very found of my new studded jacket and it was worth every single scrape and scratch. It's not really an outfit post, just pictures of a very proud owner and her new studded jacket, now minus all the scrapes and scratches :)
/WEARING/ studded jacket: studded by me Snood or infinity scarf: H&M Grey sweater: AA