Still in the midst of my finals, I can't wait for graduation and for it to be over, even though it will all start all over again with my masters next year :) I thought I would share with you some of my latest purchases and gifts courtesy of some amazing people. Some very girly stuff and others not so much. This is the thing with blogging, you get to meet and befriend people would never have otherwise never met and with blogging comes some fantastic readers. Thank you for sticking around and for all your lovely comments and emails!

A little package courtesy of parisian online Shop Je Ne Sais Quoi (I will share with you the content of the package as soon as possible, i will leave you with a little clue; Heimstone)

Chanel Nouvelle Vague nail polish gifted from PlatformPrincess, Thank you again, can't wait to wear it!

Topshop Biker boots, I am still undecided whether I am keeping these

YesStyle Biker boots

White and silver derby shoes Atmoshère by Primark

The Black Rose ring gifted by Julie, my bf's sister. Un tout grand merci!

Elementum Dress gifted by the lovely Greta, check out her blog it really is worth the detour.