Well this post and this trend will not come as a surprise to most of you, yes clogs are back and it looks like they are here to stay throughout the summer. I have been looking for a while now for m perfect clog and boy did I look (you might remember this post). For a long time I hesitated to buy the JC clog which was a almost replica of the Chanel ones but I like to have my feet strapped in for some reason Then I received the JS Dany's but the platform at the front is just too much for my daytime routines and then I came across these lovely Zara sandal/wedges. In my view they are the perfect clogs for this summer especially when paired with rolled up jeans like most of these gorgeous ladies have done. I love the fact that Zara has taken the old clog and made it modern. I am seriously loving them and are currently on my 'to buy now and desperately need, no matter what any one else says' list. What are you guys clogging in this summer?

Sources: Golestaneh, Aimee and Chiara

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