Anouck Lepère x Maasmechelen Village

Had a quick bit to eat before the press conference/Jan Colpaert introduced the lovely Anouck who was wearing a design by Christian Wijnants which was just stunning/I loved that most of the journalist were still 'old fashioned' in their way of taking notes, I'm the same/The giant cupcake cake was pretty impressive by top Belgian chef/two of my favourites pics of the day; Anouck with oen of the photographers and with Didier/the cutting & eating (i.e. a flash disappearance) of the cake.

I was invited to Massmechelen Village to celebrate "10 years in style" with their ambassadrice Anouck Lepère (she really doesn't need any introducing but just in case. She is one of Belgian's most famous top models, born and raised in Antwerp and has made  a big name for herself on the international fashion scene). We had an delicious lunch, followed by a photo call and a small interview. I then had a 5 minutes interview with Anouck, it was refreshing to hear her  talk with so much enthusiasm about Belgium, and Antwerp where she grew up, we even got talking about Belgium politics, which trust me is not the most cheerful of subject (for those of you who don't know, we habe beaten the world record of the country that has gone the longest without a government).  She talked to me about one of the causes she is currently championing; Kageno - operating in Kenya and Rwanda, this project 's mission is to transform these communities into places of opportunity and give them hope. It would seem that lately, designers, models, actrices and pop stars are putting their faces on just about any cause. I do believe that such associations work and help bring projects like Kageno under the lime light, I am just not sure about the long term impact.  Thus all in all, a wonderful afternoon with an extremely diverse and eclectic group of people.

For the Belgians (or those of you planning on visiting Brussels), as I have been receiving a lot of email recently on were to shop in Belgium. I will an interactif map with best places to shop ( and will talk to you more about Maasmechelen village).

A huge thank you to Jan Colpaert and the Oona team for a wonderful afternoon and amazing organisation.

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