1. Theyskens' Theory ficti cross tee, 2. L'Agence (from Net à porter) crepe mini skirt, 3. Theyskens' theory wedges, 4 & 5. Shop Planet Blue bracelet and necklace, 6. Céline bag

This is an outfit that I wish I was wearing at the moment, especially with the Theysken's Theory items. I could easily see this outfit going from day to evening or from 'business' to casual by trading the sky-high Theysken's Theory wedges for a pair of D.A.T.E sneakers. Since the IM sneakers came out last summer, I have been eying sneakers (i.e. oh so comfortable shoes) in a different way, and thinking about ways to dress them up. Here are my three favourite pairs from D.A.T.E. , that I have to say I found so perfect, so much so that I can't decide on one pair so help me out here. Will it be the pink sport high wash canvas in Cipria, the sport high wash canvas in sand or the sport high basket in grey and pink?

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