Sunday was spent at the 5 hour long summer time Ball wich was pretty amazing and I owe a huge thank you to Asos for gifting me this places, and not just any places amazing ones. The experience of being in Wembley stadium with 70.000 people and so many incredible artists is hard to put into words so here are some of the pictures I took, a couple of videos and some close up pictures taken from the people over at Capital FM.


Jason Darulo


Usher, Will I am and Justin Bieber



The Asos Bus

Henry Holland

Asos magazine

Tweeting videos and pictures to my followers, had great fun tweeting with FTape and Nathalie from Asos.

Here is the mashup song Capital FM made with all the artists present at the Summertime Ball which I actually think is pretty representative of the day. Hope you enjoy it!

For more videos and amazing pictures try out Asos's music blog.