A quick post of my last weekend in the UK, yes I am now back in Brussels for the summer before going off to Brugge that is. You can not even begin to imagine the number of suitcases full of clothes and shoes I brought back, even I was embarrassed. Of course I came back here to discover three closets full of clothes too, so I am having a serious clear out on Ebay this coming month before it gets out of hand.

//WEARING// Top: H&M Cardigan: American Apparel Denim shorts: Topshop Belt: H&M Trend Flats: Topshop My new fox tail: Ebay (loving it) Colourful bracelets: Asos

One of the good thing about being back in Brussels is that I can finally order from Queen's wardrobe (as they don't ship yet to the UK) even though I found some exact same dresses on YesStyle, I have my eye on a couple of jackets and wedges I really like.

Also, I have been receiving lately a lot of compliments and questions regarding my Audibert Cuffs and I thought some of you might be interested in knowing that they are currently having a huge sale on their e-boutique. You can have 40% off the entire boutique with the special code "PA0710PE", from June 7th until June 20th.

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