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//My top ten winter beauty products//

1. Garnier B.B miracle skin perfector c/o L'Oreal This is a pretty good base foundation. It does not cover up much, however it smells ridiculously good (peaches) and it applies really easily. 2. L'Occitane mum & baby balm c/o L'Occitane If you have dry skin, this is by far the most efficient and natural remedy. I discovered l'Occitane about two year ago and if I had my doubt then, I am now convinced. I go there for a few of my basic product as it is quite pricey. 3. Maybeline dream satin fluide This is the foundation I have been using for the last few years. I think I might change sometime soon. So if you have any good ideas or great foundation ( or not so great) that you have tested, do share. 4. L'Oreal Glam bronze I was skeptical of this little combo but I have been pleasantly surprised over the years. I like the fact that it has a lighter shade that I just use as a concealer and the darker side to add a bit of colour. 5. Maybeline great lash I swear by this mascara (and use the waterproof version during summer). I have to find one that does a better job, the brush is great, colour perfect and it stays on the lashes, where it is suppose to be and not on the cheeks. 6. Mavala nail polish I discovered this make when I was in paris, I like that the bottles are so small. I have yet to finish a nail polish (except for the 'normal' colours that I use over and over again). They are fairly cheap - that has a lot to do with how small they are - and tehy propose a great diversity and choice in term sof colours available. 7. L'Occitane hand cream Love this hand cream. Texture wise it is not too greasy or too runny and it smells great and fresh. Oh and it doesn't make your hands stick to everything you touch afterwards. ALways a bonus I guess 8. L'Occitane lip balm What more can I say except that it a great lip balm, a bit expensive for what it is but I would say worth it. 9. Essence by Narciso Rodriguez My boyfriend was tired of my Coco by Chanel perfume, so we opted for this one. Which is very light and fresh! 10. Topshop lip marker Last but not least, this ha sto be the best invention ever. I simply can't wait till they bring out other colours, and for other makes to jumps on the 'lip marker' wagen. It's so easy to put on as it is like colouring something in, it doesn't smudge everywhere and best of all it stays on for ages. I went to bed once and woke up the next day  with bright red lips.

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