the perfect coat the perfect coat

red hair

the perfect coat

the perfect coat

the perfect coat


the perfect coat


river island bag


//WEARING// H&M coat Mango jeans and hat YesStyle shirt Sacha boots L'Oreal lipstick Mono bracelets Swatch watch Vintage belt River Island bag c/o Oona

I am extremely poorly (just a bad case of the flu), I am running all ove the place like crazy and I am jumpy on the train tonight. I seriously need a break, but in all honesty I really cannot complain! I have gone to two amazing conferences this week - sorry about the overload of tweets on the subjects by the way - and met some great people, my dad randomly brought me the most amazing new lens and flash for my camera and tonight I am off to see the boyfriend in Paris for the weekend.

I have been living in this coat and hat for the last week and for good reason, winter seems to have finally made an appearance :) A very basic black and white outfit with a touch of red with the Mono bracelets and the L'Oreal red lipstick.

Stay tuned as there is a great giveaway coming on Monday. If you want a hint check me out on Instagram: TheFashionCloud

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