First of all Happy Easter and thanks for all your kind wishes! I hope you are all having a great weekend and making the most of this mini break. I, on the other hand I'm working, working and working...

A couple of reasons why I am Hype(e)d (with a Capital 'H' and two 'E's). First of all, I am this weeks cover girl for the 'Denim Revival' trend in Hypeed's latest webzine. Do check it out and let me know what you think. I have recently updated my 'featured in' page, so I'll take this opportunity to thank everyone that has featured my looks on their blogs and a warm thank you to Ela Wood who has shown more support han I could wish for!

Secondly, I have just received my Yaz T-shirt today in the post, courtesy of Hypeed in collaboration with Yaz, Paris.  Nothing sells a garment like unique and creative packaging and I must admit I loved the idea of my T-shirt being delivered in what looks like a Vinyl case. Thanks again for the lovely T-shirt!! I will try and share some pictures with you as soon as I get some free time. Talking of packaging I went to an 'original' sweet shop today, literally like a kid in candy store, because a bit of fun never killed anyone!

Candy, more candy and rows and rows of candy, happy easter to me!

//WEARING// long black vest dress: H&M Grey cardigan: Zara Leather jacket: Zara Belt: Zara