Sources: Susanna

Here is a trend I have grown to be really found of, just because it represent perfectly what fashion is all about. It's not about what's in and out (okay maybe  a little) and it's not about following someone's rules. It is much simpler than that, indeed it is about having fun with what you have, it's about representing on the outside what you feel inside, and more importantly it's about having fun. What better way than to simply mix and match colourful prints and what a great way to transition from the winter prints we have been wearing (i.e. stripes, stripes and more stripes) into the summer ones we can't just quite wear yet.

One blogger who don't shy away from bright colours and bold prints, and who sure plays the game of Mix and Match well, isSusanna (aka Susie Bubble (as seen above)). Love her for stepping out of  'conventional fashion' and creating such jaw dropping outfits!!

Sources: PaulaJulie and Elodie

Sources: ValentineCocorosa, and S.

Sources: BehindtheSeamsElin Kan and Susan

Hope you enjoyed what I view as a great trend to try out!!