A student, a daughter, a girlfriend, a friend, a shopaholic, and now a blogger,

When I am asked to define my style, I find myself lost for words. Firstly, I don't really believe in having to define and categorize everything all the time. Secondly, I would be the most unfaithful person to any (and all) of these categories as I like to experiment and will just about try anything.

In other words, I wear what I like and what I feel like wearing at that precise time and place. Now, sometimes it works and others it doesn't, but at least I can say I have tried it. This being said, no matter what I wear I do try never to fade away or hide behind my clothes, or worse be someone I am not.

As most redheads will tell you, we already stand out in a crowed and because of this I often down play my outfits in orders to blend in. Indeed, I like things simple, and even though I am a sucker for handbags, packing on jewelry, crazy shoes and all the other amazing things one can do with fashion, I more often than not find myself leaving the house with a watch as unique accessory.  And this I often regret, as one simple detail on an outfit can really make it that much more personal.

Fashion trends frustrate me but also fascinate me. I am more often than not, too late on a trend or too soon catching on. Either way, I just figure that trends will come back round if I miss it the first time around. So, even though I don't believe in following the trends to a T, I do believe that it is these same trends that push people to think outside of the box. Thus, making the fashion blogosphere, created by today's youth, the most incredible journey anyone could take.



Wearing: H&m jeans, T-shirt from a small boutique in Paris (Le Marais), Zara heels and Topshop necklace.

P.S: I huge thank you to all of you who have been (and are still) following FashionCloud.