So Jeffrey Campbell is better known as the shoe designer who, well let's just say it, copied more than one pair of the most wanted shoes. There was Burberry black ankle boot, the Balmain studded sandal, the Acne Atacoma wedge, the chloe boott, Alexander Wang's latest boot and the list goes on. And I don't hear any fashion bloggers complaining either. However, he has done some fantastic creations "of his own" too,  such as the very desired open toe studded wedge that comes in three different colours.

Like many, I liked that this shoe was pretty unique in it's own way and most definitely a show stopper. However, I really had wished he was not an open toe booty. and then I would have probably run out and got it.  So When I saw this girl's DIY project, I feel in love, she had recreated the exact shoe that I had imagined and to a T. Her Incredible DIY project is here and see how she wears it here.