I took me a while to appreciate my coat, I brought it about two months ago and have only started wearing it. I am, what one would call an impulsive buyer, when I like something I will no hesitate too long. This being said, I am not the kind of shoppe that will run home and wear my brand new items straight away. I often, even forget about them which is always a nice surprise when I find it again in my closet.

My hesitation towards wearing Leopard print is directly linked to the fact that I am a bright redhead. I love this print on blonds and brunettes, so I guess I was just worried I would either end up looking very cheap or worse, as if I should be working a street corner. But I will try anything once and in this case the coat actually grew on me.

Sondage: I was wondering what your thoughts were on Chictopia vs. Lookbook? Do you prefer one to the other, and if so why? or do you guys thinks they are somewhat different and each have something to offer that the other doesn't?

Wearing: Zara coat and boots, H&M jeans, Massimo Dutti Ts