Rome is one of those amazing cities were no matter where you walk you are more often than not walking on ruins that are thousands of years old. She has many lovers and even more so, admirers. Rome is a fairytale that begins a long time ago but never ends... Definitely an amazing historical destination, however not so much the fashion headquarters of the world. Indeed, Rome is not a fashionable place and even less so fashion oriented. You don't go to Rome to shop nor to 'people watch' or you will die of boredom. Roman girls follow the most unusual and dull fashion trends I have ever seen; OTT embellished jeans, mid calf wedge boots, plastic copies of Moncler coat and on rare occasions the real thing and they are all sporting the LV monogram canvas.

This being said, this did make my trip that much more cheaper as there was literally nothing I wanted to buy, never a bad thing after Christmas. So, as promised here are some of my pictures with the "not so fashionable" outfits I wore, this is particularly due the the fact that is was throwing it down every day but also due to the fact that i had only one pair of flat shoes and Rome is not heel friendly, by far.


Wearing: H&M snood, Mango T-shirt, H&M cardigan, pimkie Shorts and Topshop pumps.

Why I chose to wear my T-shirt with half of Heidi's butt hanging out the day we were off to see the Vatican is still a mystery to me. Then again it beats wearing thigh high boots :)

Wearing (one of my favorite outfits of the moment): Green Army coat, loose H&M T-shirt, jeans and thigh high boots from Miss Selfridge. I spoke about green coats, like the one I am wearing, here. I had a summer version and I am so glad I found a winter version too.