Thank you all again so much fro all you birthday wishes. Well First week back in Brussels all I got was rain but my second week here, I got a whole lot of sunshine! For all you curious ones I have been told that my present will be delivered on Friday, so we will have have to be patient a little longer haha (but those who follow me on Twitter you know you will be the first to know)

Anyway, this is what I wore out to dinner last night with the bf which was just perfect, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Loving my new cat sunglasses which got me a lot of starres but at least it's not the bright orange hair their were starring at for once.

//WEARING// Grey Blazer: H&M Tank top: Zara Black peg trousers: H&M (very old) Grey suede shoes: Zara Rings: H&M and Topshop Gold watch: Swatch Full Blooded collection Cat eye sunglasses: brought over at Ydeltuyt